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List Launch Pro Review

 List Launch Pro Review

Everybody knows that if you want a successful online business you need to have a list, right?

This means that there is no shortage of courses that claims that it can help with this. 

List Launch Pro is one such course. So, is it any good? That is what I want to take a peek at in this List Launch Pro review

What is List Launch Pro? 

List Launch Pro is a product designed to teach you how to create an email list that makes money. Although, it is so much more than that. It is meant to be a 'done for you' solution. It pretty much contains everything you need to start marketing today.

This includes 'money-making' autoresponders that you can copy and paste. I will talk more about what you can learn with List Launch Pro in a short while.  

In case you were wondering, this is a course that claims it can gain you, 5,000 subscribers to your email marketing list in next-to-no time at all. A substantial amount, I am sure you will agree.

Probably not a claim that the course can live up to, but it is certainly a viable product for teaching you the absolute basics of list building. The course does claim that it guarantees 5,000 subscribers within 60-days (plus $5,000 income) or they will personally coach you until you meet the goal.

Not the best policy in the world, but I suppose it is something. 

The Brains Behind List Launch Pro 

Winter Vee and Tim Tarango are the brains behind this course

Both of them have been doing internet marketing for a good while now. However, it is tough to nd out much about their success

Winter Vee claims that he has made millions from email marketing lists, but since I have seen no legitimate proof of that claim, I cannot say whether this is true or not.

All I can say is that they have both been doing internet marketing for a while, and there is a good chance that they have made some money from email lists. 

The Cost 

As with most internet marketing courses nowadays, there are two ways you can pay for List Launch Pro. If you pay upfront, then it will cost $1497, or you can split into three payments of $565 each. Both are fairly substantial costs, of course.

It is worth noting that this is only going to be for the cost of the course. You will also need to purchase both the tools and advertising to really make this method of list building work for you. 

This means that before you start to earn any cash, you will probably be at least $3,000 out of pocket. Certainly not a gure for the lighthearted! 

 What will you Learn with List Launch Pro?

This is a course that will teach you how to build an internet marketing list from the ground up.

You will then learn how to make sales to the list. It is perhaps worth noting that this is a course that relies on 'quick' methods of getting subscribers to your list

This means none of that slow and steady building up your website and then gaining subscribers like that. Instead, you will learn methods to get people into your sales funnel as quickly as possible.

In fact, with a little bit of cash behind you, I have no doubt that you will be able to get subscribers the same day that you complete the course. These will be decent ones too. 

However, the main focus of the course, at least in the marketing material is not actually the teaching part of the course. It is the fact that you get 'done for you' plans that can help you to start shifting products with the minimum amount of research. 

I am going to be honest here and say that this probably isn't the most eective way to learn. This is because you are just really promoting pre-selected products which likely is saturated. 

However, you will be able to get a feel for what makes a good autoresponder funnel, and that is what counts. You may even be able to make a bit of money using the autoresponder templates that you are given. 

At all times, you will have access to the private Facebook group for List Launch Pro where like-minded individuals will discuss the course and its nuances. However, weirdly, if you opt to pay over the course of three months, you won't have access to this group until your third and nal payment has been received. 

This means that you are going to be missing a major feature of the product for a long while, which is nothing short of irritating if there is something in List Launch Pro that is a bit on the confusing side for you. 

On top of all of this you will have a 'Millionaire Mindset' course, which is typical for products like this nowadays. You are just going to learn how to think of success and, ultimately, you become successful. It probably isn't something that you will be using all that much.

How is the Course Delivered?

Almost all of the actual 'course' will be delivered through training videos put together by the team behind the product. Some of these are going to be them just speaking to the camera, while a lot of it is going to be 'over the shoulder' training. 

This is actually the type of training that I prefer when I am looking for an internet marketing course. It allows me to see exactly what needs to be done, as opposed to trying to guess what you should be doing based upon what the people instructing aresaying.  

 The rest of the course will be delivered in a variety of documents. Nothing really special there. They are things that you need to copy and paste after all!


List Launch Pro is a decent product, but it does have a high price point attached to it.  

While I am sure you can learn a lot from this course, and perhaps earn some money with it, a good aliate marketing course will help you to grow your email list as well.

Earning an income through an email list is great, but you can also earn commissions through links on your website. Why not learn both right?


List Launch Pro Review

 List Launch Pro Review Everybody knows that if you want a successful online business you need to have a list, right? This means that there ...